Construction Defects

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Few things can shatter the dreams of a new homeowner like construction or foundation defects that threaten the safety of the family that resides there, or that renders the structure unsafe, unsanitary, or otherwise unlivable. The discovery of such defects spawns a broad spectrum of legal issues.

The Law Office of D. Brent Lemon represents consumers and homeowners against home builders, contractors, warranty companies, and insurance companies for misrepresentations, unconscionable conduct, and breach of warranties related to construction and foundation defects. We vigorously pursue successful results in these types of claims through settlements, arbitrations, trials, and appeal.

Civil Litigation

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Civil Law is the law of civil or private rights, as opposed to criminal law or administrative law.

The Law Office of D. Brent Lemon has considerable experience protecting those private rights, including actions for breach of contract and warranty, deceptive trade practices, negligence, and fraud. Mr. Lemon has additional experience representing victims of personal injury and medical malpractice.

Insurance Bad Faith

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Insurance companies are required to act in good faith and honor policy agreements with their customers. “Insurance Bad Faith” refers to a claim that an insured person or entity has against an insurance company for failing to timely and properly pay a claim, or denying a claim in its entirety when it has no reasonable basis to do so.

The Law Office of D. Brent Lemon has experience in representing consumers, homeowners, and businesses against insurance companies for misrepresentations, wrongful conduct, and wrongful claim handling procedures.